United States Hot Air Balloon Team

Mother's Day Balloon rides from the Philadelphia countryside

flights depart daily from the 5 counties of

Southeastern Pennsylvania

Give a Gift Any Mom would Love 

Hot Air Balloon Rides Only

$199 Per Person / $398 Per Couple

Offer Valid Until 05/10/2015

(800) 763-5987

Welcome to the official site of The United States

Hot Air Balloon Team.

The U.S. Team is the Premier provider of hot air balloon rides and hot air balloon tours and events. Our reputation, integrity and experience include more than 30 years of successful operations,

more than 150 years of combined pilot experience, and more than 100,000 passenger



Give your Mother a special gift from

The United States

Hot Air Balloon Team

A flight with the U.S. Hot Air Balloon team makes a unique and unforgettable gift.

For nearly three decades, Stan Hess and the U.S. Hot Air Balloon Team have been committed to offering ...

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Five Reasons
Beautiful Flight in Bucks County!