Very professional, very friendly and incredibly memorable

The US Hot Air Balloon Team is incredibly well run, staffed and entertaining. My wife and I flew out of the Bird-in-Hand location near Lancaster for a sunrise flight on a cool October morning. We had initially aimed for a sunset flight, but after two years of cancellations (due to weather on [...]

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Up & Away

This was my second time up in over two years. Last time was a sunrise take off, this time it was an evening ride. Both times I had Lucas and he is funny, informative, and makes the trip special. You can tell he loves what he does. We were lucky to have beautiful [...]

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Standing in a “Longaberger Basket”

My husband was pretty nervous about this hot air balloon ride. Once you get used to standing in a "Longaberger Basket" as he calls it, you will love it. The highest we went was about 5,200 feet and it was beautiful to see everything. We chose a 6am flight and arrived about 15 [...]

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Defy Gravity

We love sharing stories from people who have taken a ride with us. This lovely story is from Carol- who seemed to have the time of her life. Thanks for sharing. "Whether by chance or universal guidance, I came across the Wicked Balloon and in an instant, I knew this was the [...]

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