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Wicked Balloon

Consider using hot air balloon advertising in your marketing plan and be recognized by millions.

Hot air balloons are magical. Children, adults, seniors – everyone enjoys seeing a hot air balloon. In fact Kodak suggests that hot air balloons are easily one of the most photographed subjects on earth.

Join the ranks of ReMax, Hershey’s, Burger King, Cannon, Ocean Spray, General Motors and Wal-Mart and start enjoying the positive buzz and brand recognition that only a hot air balloon can deliver!

The US Hot Air Balloon Team can work with you to create successful advertising for your business. We provide the necessary management expertise and support. You determine the schedule and components of your campaign.

This may include:

  • In-house promotions
  • Trade Shows
  • Corporate Functions
  • National or international events and festivals
  • Public relations for key clients, prospects or top achievers in your company
Balloon advertising is surprisingly affordable when you consider the impact it can have on brand awareness and visibility. This unique and flexible advertising medium is one of the best ways to make an impression on potential customers and stand out from the crowd. We provide a Turn-Key program, including everything necessary to provide a first class event presentation bringing your company and Brand the desired recognition.
Want to know more about hot air balloon advertising?
See what our advertisers have to say or contact the US Hot Air Balloon Team to explore this opportunity for your business branding.

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