Looking for a gift for

Your Spouse?

There is nothing more romantic or exciting then a hot air balloon ride with your spouse. Holding hands and taking pictures of a beautiful sunrise or sunset is more than just a gift but that once in a life time opportunity and something to cross off your Bucket List.

Looking for a gift to

Donate to Charity?

Purchasing a gift certificate and donating to a non-profit charity is not only a wonderful thing to do but it is a great way to save on your taxes too. A gift certificate can be purchased for one or two people and used in a silent auction or even added to a wonderful gift basket with wine and snacks for a picnic before or after the flight.

Looking for a gift for your

Parents or In-Laws?

Giving a hot air balloon ride to your parent, in-laws or maybe even both is a great way of saying Thank You for everything you have done all of those years. We know there is no way to repay our parents for everything they have given us but this is one amazing way to show them that we appreciated it all and maybe even sorry for those challenging years.

Looking for a gift for your

Business Associate?

If you are looking to impress your business partner with a gift this year the gift of flight will do it! Partner it up with a nice picnic basket. It’s that easy! The gift of a hot air balloon ride can really be for anyone for any occasion. It is always an impressive gift to get and a wonderful feeling when you give one. Order your hot air balloon certificate now and give the gift of a lifetime!

Looking for a gift for your

Brother or Sister?

Remember all those years you tortured your brother or sister and then an hour later they were your best friend and would defend you until the end? I think most of us can relate to our siblings being our first best friend and our biggest enemy in the same 5 minutes. Give them the gift of flight to say thanks. Even better, get them a certificate and one for you and enjoy it together!

Looking for a gift for your

Business Raffle?

Most business owners throw a Holiday party for the office this time of year and give gifts or have raffles that are raffled off for your employees. Why not raffle off a certificate for a hot air balloon ride? It is a wonderful gift most people won’t buy for themselves and a great way to show your employees you think they deserve something this special.

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