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If I could give 20 stars I would

I would give 20 stars
5 Star Review

Had the pleasure taking a ride last year with my special lady. Yes she is timid (to say that lightly) but she was a great sport. Watching it fill with air is awesome and spectacular. The moment of truth when it was time to climb in the basket. I could feel her nerves. But I looked tough.

The balloon took off and yes it is so nice but there is a softness in the wicker basket which for a second is a strange feeling. Then we went over the corn and waited for another balloon, it was a perfect morning. Shocked over the control of our pilot. Then up we went, the views are indescribable to see Philly and the Chesapeake Time for landing and about 15 minutes out he tells the chase team where and he did just that. Landing was softer then coming down one step.

It is awesome. If I could give 20 stars I would. Saving up again!!!!!

~ Scott S. from Wildwood NJ

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