Lucas Hess, US Hot Air Balloon Team Pilot

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Lucas Hess, US Hot Air Balloon Team Pilot

Pilot, Lucas Hess developed a love of the outdoors early in life. Growing up in the heart of Amish farm country, Lucas felt an appreciation for the open land, and the generosity and pleasant characteristics of its people. Lucas considers himself truly fortunate to be able to follow his passion, and continue to build a very rewarding career.

Lucas has been directly involved in ballooning activities for more than 15 years. Beginning as a Team crew member, he soon achieved student, and private levels. At the age of 23, Lucas achieved Commercial Pilot status. Lucas has been flying commercially ever since as a full time pilot and now has more than 2,600 successful flights to his credit.

Safety is of the utmost importance to Lucas and the rest of the U S Hot Air Balloon Team. Lucas’ confident demeanor and professionalism instill confidence and assurance in even the most apprehensive first time hot air balloon flyers.

Lucas Hess

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