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360° Video of Your Ride

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What is a 360 Degree Video?

360 degree videos are video recordings in every direction at the same time. When playing the video, the viewer has control of the viewing direction. A viewer can click and drag to pan around the video, or tilt their phone to view around the video.

It’s an incredible viewing experience designed to be shared on Facebook and Youtube!




Watch & Interact with 360° Video

Wicked takes to the sky with a river touch down & a hidden gem at the end…

Click and drag or tilt your phone while playing the video to experience this 360° Video!

Capture your hot air balloon ride to share with friends and family, and experience your ride in 360 Degrees. Let those who couldn’t be there share the memories and be surrounded in the moment.

This video is a professionally recorded & edited 5 min highlight video of your flight to make it easy to upload to Facebook or YouTube to share and enjoy!

Order today and we will record your flight & email your video after your hot air balloon ride.  

How do I interact with 360° videos?

We had a hitchhiker on this flight… can you find it? Pan around this 360 image or tilt your phone to find our new friend!

How to Watch and Share Your 360°/VR Video


Upload your 360° videos to Facebook for easy sharing with friends, family and fans

Oculus Rift

Watch 360° videos on compatible VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, or the simple Google Cardboard


Upload your 360° videos to YouTube and go viral with your family, friends, and fans!


360° videos can also be watched on your website using the Facebook & YouTube embed


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